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Frequent Angel Questions


What are angel orbs?

They are the angelic presence in an orb profile. We are never alone, they are always with us. They are very fluid in this encapsulated form and can move through the body, picking up and capturing negative energy forms that Jerry Bedlington can instruct them to drop into Mother Earth in White light.


How many angels are there and how many does Jerry Bedlington coordinate?

  • The prophet Daniel had a vision in which one hundred million angels appeared: “a thousand upon thousands attended him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.”


  • The prophet Enoch visited Heaven and saw “angels innumerable, thousands of thousands, and myriads and myriads.”


  • The Zohar says six hundred million angels were created on the second day of Creation and goes on to say additional angels were created on other occasions.


  • According to the Qur’an, God sent seventy thousand angels to the Prophet Muhammad.


  •  Albertus Magnus, a Catholic saint and mentor of St. Thomas Aquinas, wrote that each of the nine choirs of angels had 66,666 legions, and each of these had 6,666 angels, making a grand total of almost 4,000,000,000-four billion!


  • To date, the Creator has assigned Jerry Bedlington thousands of Teams of Angels with very specific skill levels.


What is the difference between my Guardian Angel/s and Jerry Bedlington’s Angel Teams?

Everyone has a Guardian angel assigned at birth to guide and support you through your earth experience. But they cannot do what Jerry Bedlington’s Angel Teams can do. The angels that work with Jerry gather together in a high-performing functional Angelic Teams, each team with a different specialty. These teams can cover every situation that could arise. Because Jerry Bedlington's angels are power teams of angels with a focused purpose, it amplifies their “fire-power” to manifest for you very quickly.


How do I learn more about how to communicate with the angels?

Learning the language of angels is the essential to discerning whether the voice in your head is your ego, or the voice of divine guidance. Jerry Bedlington facilitates a variety of workshops about angels to help others learn to communicate and work with angels. In his AngelTalks series, you come to understand another dimension of your life challenges as well as how to communicate with the angels and request their help for others. Please contact us for class descriptions and locations.


How can I communicate directly with the angels?

All of Jerry Bedlington's teachings include a segment on angelophany—the experience of perceiving an angel with one or more of the five senses. (He refers to this as your “PQ” Perception Quotient). His goal in teaching this is for you to have an “aha!” moment of how you “hear” the angels, which includes, clairalience (smelling), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling), and clairvoyance (seeing).


How does the gold pendulum Jerry Bedlington uses help him communicate with the angels?

It is a "Gold Orb™," an Angel Team Healing proprietary pendulum that radiates the frequency of Gold (Higher Harmonic of Gold)—the highest vibration known—higher yet than the frequency of White Light. The Gold Orbs™ are designed to embody the natural radiation of matter and geometric form for powerful angel communication. For more information, click here.


Can I communicate more easily with the angels using a pendulum?

Because angelic communication is so subtle and quiet, dowsing and divining tools like pendulums help connect us to the angelic world. There are all kinds of ideas as to how the pendulums move but the reality is that one of your Guardian Angels is helping you with the information you are asking for. Angels and divining are very much connected in that angels move pendulums by controlling the body’s muscle and nerve system, plus grabbing the auric field of the pendulum. Some pendulums are more powerful than others for communicating with the angels. If this resonates with you, then our Gold Orbs might be a good choice because they are designed with different characteristics to match your needs and preferences.


What is your opinion of using crystals to facilitate communication with the angels?

Angels are always communicating with us, we just are not always aware of it. Angel gemstone can help increase your sensitivity to angels. Certain gemstones have vibrations that closely match the angels and can be used as a gateway or bridge so that we can more easily enter into the world of the angels. Working with angel gemstones will make it easier for a novice angel communicator to “hear” the angels. They help “to turn up the volume” so you can hear angelic messages more clearly. The Crystal Chamber Gold Orb™ combine the beauty and power of a 14k gold pendulum with an angel gemstone in its crystal chamber. Doreen Virtue, PhD., one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world advocates both angels and crystals in her best-selling books.


What does Jerry Bedlington do with so many teams?

Each of the thousands of Angel Teams has a different specialty that Jerry Bedlington can call on. These teams cover every situation that could arise. This ranges from Addiction Teams for cellular re-programming for you and/or anyone you know affected by any kind of addiction to Micro-Teams that recalibrate cells and repair the internal body systems.


Who are most of Jerry Bedlington's current clients?

Increasingly Jerry is known as a “healer’s healer” because Angel Team Healings can clear the energies healers pick up in their bodies from their clients. The healers he helps range from medical professionals (like psychiatrists and psychologists), to body workers (like massage therapists and energy workers), to spiritual leaders and practitioners. However, it is Jerry Bedlington’s purpose to help ALL his brothers and sisters, without bias or judgment. Thus his practice is inclusive of all people ranging from business people, to lawyers, to creatives, to nutritionists, to carpenters, to homemakers to porn stars.


Who is Jerry Bedlington and how did he come to work with the Angels?

Please click here.


Why does Jerry work with intuitive session assistantS?

You don’t drive a car with your eyes closed. So Jerry Bedlington (who is not clairvoyant) casts holograms for skilled "clairvoyant" who taps into the etheric field and communicates with your soul in pictures, can “see” energy beings in all forms (angels/orbs and spirit entities) to scan your physical body as well as your auric field for energy flow to identify cords, portals, blocks, attachments, soul, out-of-body, etc.)


Why would a retired aerospace mechanic decide to work with the angels?

Jerry Bedlington’s purpose on the Earth is to be a "wingman" for the Creator, coordinating Angelic Teams to help with the re-balancing of energy fields in all aspects of the human experience.


What is an Angel Team Healing session?

Angel Team Healing sessions manifest peoples’ best and highest good in their earth experience. Have you sought professional help but the problems still persist and you cannot get to the bottom of your challenge? You know something is wrong, you can feel it in your body, but you don’t know what it is or where it is coming from or who can help you and still it is impacting you emotionally and physically? At this point, it is a good choice to seek Jerry Bedlington’s help with the angels.


Those who have Angel Teams Healing sessions report great improvements in their lives. They know that they are not alone.


What can I expect from an Angel Team Healing session?

When you are cleared of the blockages to living in integrity with your soul, life becomes richer and more meaningful.


What happens during a session?

Jerry Bedlington starts by asking the Creator if he can work with you. If the answer is “no,” then the session is terminated. If permission to proceed is given he asks you to review your prioritized list of challenges.


As you read the list, your soul will show pictures of your challenges to his intuitive session assistant. When you finish your list Jerry will then ask his intuitive session assistant to describe what your soul has shown them.


Then, in order to gain greater clarity about your challenges, Jerry Bedlington requests the Hologram Angels to cast pictures for his intuitive session assistant.


Only after Jerry has this information does he coordinate the Angel Teams to remove your blockage/s and resolve your challenge/s. Throughout this process his intuitive session assistant is scanning your physical body as well as the auric field for energy beings in all forms (spirits, entities, etc.) and describing what they see (e.g. cords, portals, blocks, attachments, out-of-body, etc.) and their impact on your emotional and physical health.


Last, he fills the voids with golden light and love of the Creator.


What is the difference between a psychic reading and the information revealed by one of Jerry Bedlington's Angel Teams Healing intuitive session assistants?

A psychic reading is an energetic reading performed by a clairvoyance who tells you what they see, how it is affecting you, and why you are still looking at these pictures and operating from them. Our session assistants convey this information, and more, to Jerry for you to receive an Angel Team Healing.


What is the format of the session?

Each Angel Team Healing session is conducted via a 3-way live conference call that includes you, Jerry Bedlington, his intuitive session assistant, and the Angel Teams.


What is blocking me from what I want in life?

Jerry Bedlington has facilitated hundreds of sessions and has found that most blockages being experienced as well as diseases in the physical body are due to past life traumas downloading into this lifetime.


Can I be helped if my challenges are being caused by energetic entities?

When working with clients Jerry does encounter energetic entities from different dimensions getting into this dimension and creating problems for us earth beings. When this happens he takes on the role of facilitator to intervene in this invisible world of entities, elementals, aliens, body part removals, contracts, curses, implants, abductions, etc. Some people have referred to Jerry Bedlington an as "energetic exorcist."


Do you conduct sessions internationally?

Yes, Jerry Bedlington does international session via Skype. But only in English.


Do you offer space clearing and blessing sessions?

Yes. Jerry Bedlington has special Angel Teams to clear dark energies from buildings, properties, and events and fill the space with the light and the love of the Creator. Please refer to Etheric Energy Sessions.


How do I prepare for an Angel Team Healing session?

Prior to the session, you are asked to prepare and prioritize a clear description of your specific challenge/s or your “wish list” in areas such as relationship, health and/or abundance.


How long does a session take?

An initial clearing session, referred to as a "Super Session," takes one hour. The frequency and duration of subsequent sessions vary for each individual.


How often should I have a session?

After your initial 60-minute Super Session, the frequency and duration of subsequent sessions vary for each individual. You’ll be perfectly guided to know.


Where do we meet?

Each Angel Team Healing session is conducted live via a 3-way conference call.


I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. What makes Angel Team Healings any different?

We live in two worlds. The first world of our awareness is the physical body that we all possess. We all have the need for the basics and hope that’s all we need to get through this life. But this is rarely the case, we may become sick, injured, or be born with birth defects and while our inclination is to look for help here in the physical plane we may not find the help that we need and do not know what to do or where to go for help. This signals the need to address the second world, which overlays the physical plane.


This second world is the infinite etheric energy field that we are all part of, and that goes through our physical bodies. The etheric energy field is where the Creator, angels, guides, guardians and those who have passed from the physical plane reside. It is also where entities, dark energy beings, and beings we have no language for (as we have not seen them in the physical plane) reside as well. It is in this etheric field where we find the energies of traumas from past lifetimes manifesting as pain or sickness in this lifetime. An Angel Team Healing identifies and clears this energetic dross, creating a clean slate for you to benefit from your healing interventions and practices.


If I don’t believe in angels can Jerry Bedlington's Angel Teams still help me?

The Creator assigned angels to support you in your earth experience and they are here for you waiting to be called on whether you believe in them or not. They are the hands and feet of the Creator. There is nothing too small or big for them to handle.


But there is a Universal Law of Free Will that the angels may not intervene without your permission. (With the exception that if it is not your time to die or be injured, or if you are about to undergo a traumatic experience that your soul does not need, angels will step in and save you.)


If I receive an Angel Team Healing am I shirking my responsibility for healing my own life?

Jerry Bedlington’s Angel Teams don’t do anything for you. They clear the space of the negative energies holding you back for creating the life you dream of. Basically they are helping you so that you can help yourself.


Will I feel immediate relief after an Angel Team Healing session?

Some people feel immediate relief while others experience a delayed reaction. Both Cord Removals and Energy Field Change-Outs help restore the physical body to its original condition. The body first recognizes and then replicates the new energy field given by the angels. This process can be slow work. Because the body has held the trauma for so long, it takes time to reverse.


We run in two modalities, the energy fields around the body that are etheric (like emotions and thought forms). They feel these changes fairly quickly. If the body carries a lot of trauma and physical injury they may not feel much because the body is numbed out to prevent discomfort.


Will Jerry Bedlington predict the future in my session?

Absolutely not. We act in the moment of now for your best and highest good in your earth experience.


I want a session for someone else (a child or friend in trauma). How would that work?

You can gift them a session. Or if they are too young or challenged or resistant to personally participate in a session then you may act on their behalf. However, in all third-party sessions Jerry Bedlington first talks to the soul of that person to get permission to proceed—he will never interfere with free agency.


What is your privacy policy?

All sessions are confidential. Jerry Bedlington and his intuitive session assistants have conducted literally hundreds of sessions. They are there to help you with your issues—no matter what they are. Some of the sensitive issues they have addressed in Angel Team Healing sessions include: sexual impotency, sexual identity, abortion, addiction, abuse, depression, personal trauma, health problems, financial reversals, and relationship challenges.


Angel Team Healing is committed to protecting the private information of our clients as well as our web site visitors. Our commitment to protecting your privacy is fully described here.


May I have recording of my session?

We do not give recordings to clients because the things that we find and remove from your physical and emotional bodies to move you forward into a better place can be re-generated. If you listen to a recording of the session the frequency of the energy we removed can negate the work done. It’s like a malware that re-infects your system. In addition, much like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), when you listen to the clearing you run the risk of creating negative thought forms that attract and re-activate your trauma.


What is an Angelic Assignment?

Now that your Angel Team Healing session has cleared the energetic debris, your Angelic Assignment helps you sustain the clearing and focus on what’s important. If there’s something in your life you want to change, whether it’s losing weight, managing a health problem, improving your relationship or starting a new career, your Angelic Assignment supports you to make and sustain that change.


When do you get an Angelic Assignment?

During your Angel Team Healing session, Jerry Bedlington and his intuitive session partner will receive angelic guidance on your “next steps” to address the type of change that you want to make right now. Each Angelic Assignment takes you through a process to prepare for, practice, and manifest a change in your daily life. Negative thought forms can call back in whatever issue was cleared in your session. These thought forms are like parasites that feed in your body as well as in the etheric field. Angelic Assignments are designed to form new “thinking” habits that maintain your clearing.


How much time do Angelic Assignments take?

This is guided by the Creator and the Angel Teams. However, typically, we ask you to invest 5-30 minutes a day in yourself for at least 21 days.

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