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Jerry Bedlington coordinates powerful Angel Teams to balance emotional, physical and spiritual issues for people worldwide.


Jerry’s special gift allows him to deploy powerful teams of angels for angel healing in every aspect of your life and direct you to your highest good!


Sometimes referred to as an "energetic exorcist," with his Angel Teams, Jerry Bedlington has the capability to clear energetic blockages from present and past lives, as well as to remove cords that limit you from your highest good.


Jerry specializes in changing your entire energy field to replace it with a healthy, vibrant, well-balanced field from an earlier time in your life.

My purpose on the earth is to be a "wingman" for the Creator, to pilot Angel Teams for the protection and support of all.          ~Jerry Bedlington,"The Wingman"

Jerry Bedlington is known as a “healer’s healer” because Angel Team Healings can clear the energies healing practitioners pick up in their bodies from their clients.


The healers he helps range from medical professionals, like psychiatrists to body workers, like massage therapists and energy workers, to spiritual leaders and practitioners.


However, it is Jerry’s purpose to coordinate teams of angels to help ALL his brothers and sisters to restore order, abundance, well-being, and right relationship in their lives. So his angel healing practice is inclusive of all people, without bias or judgment.

About Jerry

Jerry's Journey

Once a Wingman, always a Wingman.

(Saigon, Viet Nam 1967)

Jerry Bedlington was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At age of 18 Jerry joined the US Air Force and served three tours in Vietnam as a jet engine mechanic.


Subsequently Jerry lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years, first as a jet engine mechanic with the Royal Saudi air force, and then as the official medical photographer for the King Faisal Hospital. Jerry traveled the world and lived in foreign countries and did everything he wanted to do.


When this adventure reached its end Jerry returned home and took a position with Boeing as an FAA licensed engine and airframe mechanic.

At age 45 Jerry thought he should get married. What an awakening; Jerry had no idea what he was doing. His wife had extreme health challenges, which propelled him into ten years of studying holistic and alternative healing—from cancer cures to energy-and electro-medicine.


If it weren’t for her Jerry could not have learned what he knows now about etheric energy and angel healing. But the more he learned the question that nagged him were why some people get well while others do not? And, how does one get sick? Jerry was soon to see the bigger picture. He took a class in auras, and there he learned that he could hear the angels. Then, in a class in Tibetan metaphysics he learned to bring in angels and to change out energy fields. With his new skills and angelic presence Jerry sat in isolation in his beloved Puget Sound and practiced.


Jerry talked with the angels and the Creator. He sent angels out to clear energy and re-balance the field. Jerry got more and more tools and skills and insights into the spirit world. Then he realized that we live in a two-world modality and one must work in both if one is to heal. He could see that the spirit world impacts the human body, as well as how to change and shift the energy coming into the physical body. The angels are the key players as they can work in both worlds when they are called upon.


At first Jerry worked with only a few angels, and then the creator assigned him more—they came in as teams of angels. To date, the creator assigned to him thousands of angel teams to work for the good of all people in their earth experience. These teams can cover every situation that could arise.


Every day is an adventure as Jerry works in this dual world earth experience. Jerry Bedlington invites everyone to undertake this adventure. He LOVES being a "wingman" for the Creator! Go Angel Healing!

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