To the Unique Angel Team Healing Experience
A unique experience combining the technology of etheric energy with multitudes of Angel Teams to heal, clear and manifest!
Jerry Bedlington
Master Angel Communicator



Heath challenges

Money problems

Business burnout

Relationship troubles

Psychic pain & soul wounds

Feel haunted

The many benefits of Angel Team Healings are multi-dimensional.


Because we are more than our physical body, Jerry works in the etheric field with his Angel Teams to facilitate energetic healing.


When your energetic blockages are removed, your energetic balance is restored.


And, your ability to heal and to manifest in the physical world is restored.

You're not alone. Let the Angel Teams heal you!

Healing Sessions

Benefits of Angelic Healing in Your Business & Life



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4 Game-Changers Who Have Referred over 100 Clients to Angel Team Healing

I have worked extensively with several talented healers. Jerry is one of the most talented. His extraordinary energetic healing fields in conjunction with his unique Angel Teams enable him to problem solve in a way that is almost singular. He’s on my speed dial.

I often tell colleagues and clients that Jerry and his Angel Teams are like divine messengers to me and my students. 

This, in addition to his kindness and friendship, makes recommending Jerry to others a joy.

Knowing that their discordant energy can be seriously limiting, I refer my clients--
high-achieving female leaders creating big changes in the world-- to Jerry for his singular Angel Team healing clearing sessions.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Spiritual Thought Leader

Kay Snow-Davis (transitioned) 
Founder, Soul Purpose Academy

Anahita Joon Tehrani
Female Leadership Mentor

Stories from Behind the Angels

It's easy to take life for granted, until you’re challenged by health, finances and relationship. When this happens (and it will), you may spend more time worrying or suffering than enjoying the moment. We love to hear stories from our clients about how energy work in conjunction with the Angels is changing their lives.

Our services are 100% experience-based on client referrals.

That’s why we are especially grateful for these unsolicited testimonials!

Reviews & Testimonials

Jerry Bedlington is fantastic gentleman who brings in Teams of Angels to help people with almost any situation. I really appreciate you being here with me...

Theodore (Ted) Mahr
Out of this World TV --Galactic Wisdom Conference



What we know to be true...


Jerry Bedlington coordinates powerful Angel Teams to balance your emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

The Angel Teams release toxic emotional trauma, clear energy blocks, and revive your spirit, clearing obstacles to attracting the life you are destined to create, and to restore your natural vitality.


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