Jerry presents...

AngelTalks-2021 and Angelics-1

Jerry wants you to know what he knows about the Technology of Etheric Energy
and to learn the Language of Angels…an infinite solution.


Live Online with Jerry!

3-Month classes + 4th Bonus Month


FALL 2021

Having your own energy tools can change your life!

Once you learn the tools and techniques, you can practice self-healing.


Ways the classes are helpful to you:

We live in two worlds; the physical world as well as the nonphysical world. We receive a lot of life-skill training on how to succeed in the physical world. However, until AngelTalks and Angelics, most of us receive little to no training on how to master the etheric (invisible nonphysical) world. 


Jerry Bedlington’s classes are designed to fundamentally change the way you manage your personal energy field and communicate the etheric field in both your business and personal life.

During your 4-month live online life-skills intensive you will gain unique tools to work with etheric energy and the etheric energy beings we call “Angels” to improve your earth experience.

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 AngelTalks take-aways

7 Tools

  1. 10 Angel Teams

  2. 11+ ways of Angelic communication

  3. Interdimensional lasers

  4. Pendulums

  5. Qi Breath & Thought Forms

  6. Etheric Body Field replacements

  7. Manifesting Grids

7 Skills

  1. Making decisions/connecting with Angels

  2. Working with Interdimensional Lasers

  3. Reality shifting

  4. Creating new frequencies

  5. Dowsing skills

  6. Qi Breath to deliver intentions

  7. Manifesting

+ Skill Integration & Practice​


Advanced Skills for Graduates of AngelTalks

9/11, 10/9, 11/13, 12/11

2nd Saturdays 1pm -3pm PST

 Angelics skills

Expand your basic AngelTalks skills to these applications:

  1. Cord Removal

  2. Courtroom Clearing

  3. Creatures

  4. Curses

  5. Doorways

  6. Dross

  7. Elementals

  8. Entities

  9. Etheric Body Field change-Outs

  10. Etheric Energy Field Change-Outs

  11. Full Sweep

  12. General Instructions to Your Angel Team

  13. Holograms

  14. Hospital Clearing

  15. Hospital Procedure Clearing



The Language of Angels

9/4, 10/2, 11/6, 12/4

1st Saturdays 1pm -3pm PST


Sample Content

20-min. The Language of Angels, Bellevue WA, 2-26-19